Summer Wedding? Few tips to bring the best of it.

By Willy Llamas, Weddings and Special Events Coordinator at Las Rocas Resort
Hola Amigas, Summer Time is here! Along come the vacations in a beautiful beach spot, family reunions in the house backyards… and a lot of fun. But also, this can be the season when your wedding will be held; so this time I will share with you a few tips that will make your guests feel grateful and amazed…

• If you plan to offer a cocktail hour after the ceremony; ask your caterer to display nice bowls filled with iced homemade sangria, iced lemonade and glasses of water with ice and a slice of lemon. • If you invite also kids, offer them a fruit popsicles bar, they will love it!
• Handle to the entire ladies hand fans, will be a great summer gift.
• How about a refreshing assorted beer station to the gentlemen? They will really enjoy it!
• If your wedding will be held in an open venue during day time; make sure to allocate a place with shade for the elders.
• After dinner; once you cut the cake, ask the caterer to have ready an ice-cream station, with all the necessary accoutrements. Let your guests made their own sundaes!
• Put on big nice baskets a lot of man and woman flip flops; they will thank you forever, remember that after dancing for a while, the will feel their feet very tired.

These are just a few tips, but remember that your imagination is your limit! Don’t be shy and ask your coordinator to help you, all your guests will thank you always that you think also on them!

See you next time!!